He Grew Up On A Civil War Battlefield, And He Had Numerous Run-Ins With Ghosts

Dennis M. Swanson - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man grew up on the battlefield where General Lee and General Grant first battled against each other during the Civil War, called the Wilderness Battlefield.

Historical markers were all over the place for events during the war. The historical markers related to Lee, Grant, and Stonewall Jackson, but he always knew these markers didn’t share the entire story of these battles.

“Sometimes, history is lost. One piece of history from this battlefield that’s not written about is the actual fate of the troops who died. Most of the battlefield was engulfed in flames from artillery, and the wounded suffered a painful death from being burned alive,” he said.

His bedroom in his family’s home faced the shaded, woody area on the battlefield, and he always felt like it was filled with mystery.

As a kid, he and his friends had a blast building forts and cabins in the woods. They had to be on the lookout for Copperhead snakes, so they always brushed aside all the leaves surrounding where they wanted to construct their forts and cabins to make sure no snakes were hiding within them.

“While doing so, we would find hundreds of leather soles from soldiers’ boots and partial uniforms, buckles, and other artifacts. Since those days, I’ve always wondered if we were building these silly forts on a mass grave,” he explained.

There was a nearby neighborhood on the other side of the battlefield where some of his friends lived.

Throughout his childhood and adolescence, he estimated that he and his friends wandered hundreds of miles through the woods, day and night.

He had numerous run-ins with ghosts during these adventures through the woods to visit his friends.

Dennis M. Swanson – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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