He Proposed To His Fiancée With A Fake Ring Because He Knew She’d Lose It, But She Freaked Out On Him And They Broke Up

GutesaMilos - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

I know that many engaged or married women often have a lot of anxiety about losing their wedding rings. Many married women have worn their diamond engagement or nice wedding rings for so long that they’re practically glued to their fingers.

However, when you first get engaged, getting used to wearing something so precious and expensive on your hand every day is an adjustment.

One man recently proposed to his girlfriend at Coachella but used a temporary faux diamond ring because she’s a notorious klutz who loses track of things in certain situations. When she found out about the fake diamond, she was not happy, and things went downhill quickly.

He was feeling very excited to propose to his girlfriend at the famous Coachella music festival, which they took a trip to from where they live in Phoenix. The day they went, the band No Doubt was playing, which is one of his girlfriend’s favorite bands.

He decided to propose to her at the music festival to make their great weekend even more memorable. He also did a lot of planning beforehand, especially regarding the ring.

While he loved his girlfriend, he knew she could be a major klutz and had a bad habit of losing or misplacing things. He knew his girlfriend would be more likely to lose things with all the chaos of Coachella, so he figured he would purchase her a legitimate diamond ring but also have a replica copy made using a faux diamond and brass band.

He used the replica ring to propose at Coachella, just in case his girlfriend happened to lose it.

“I asked her to marry me, and she said yes,” he recalled.

“She loved the ring [as] I had it sized, but it was the brass and moissanite copy I had made so she would not lose or damage the real one at the concert, which she promptly did and then pretended not to. She said it was too tight and that she had put it away until we got back to Phoenix.

GutesaMilos – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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