He Told His Wife That Her Family Is Taking Advantage Of Her Financially, And It Needs To Stop Because, Every Single Time They Do Anything Together, His Wife Gets Stuck Footing The Bill

JonoErasmus - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 35-year-old man and his wife, who is also 35, recently tied the knot, making them newlyweds, and they still live in the same city as both of their families.

But, while his family is very similar to him – independent people who have their own careers – his wife’s family is the total opposite. Apparently, his in-laws have a lot of “free time” on their hands, don’t like to be alone, and aren’t very independent.

His in-laws also enjoy going out to eat at restaurants with him and his wife. However, every single time, they always stick the entire bill on her at the end, and it’s made him never want to go out to dinner with them again.

“Nothing makes me more mad than someone inviting someone somewhere, then when it comes to the bill, they don’t pay – or expect my wife to pay,” he explained.

“In many situations, this has happened, and the bill [was] $300 to $600 each time.”

So, he tried to have a sit-down conversation with his wife and basically told her that she was being financially taken advantage of. He claimed that her parents only ever wanted to do things with her if she was covering the costs.

For instance, he pointed out how her parents only ever invite her out to do things like visit a coffee shop or go shopping, and every single time, she foots the bill.

“When have they invited you somewhere, and they paid for you?” he asked his wife.

“[Heck], on your own birthday, they don’t even make plans for you – whereas my wife is always doing the planning for others’ birthdays and always footing the bill.”

JonoErasmus – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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