He Told His Wife The Reason Their Young Son Hates Her Cooking Is Because She’s A Terrible Cook Who Never Even Tried To Learn How To Properly Prepare Meals

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Most parents who aren’t great cooks aren’t afraid to admit it, as they realize their poor cooking skills don’t go over well with their kids and will usually rely on their partner or ready-made meals to get through mealtimes.

However, some parents aren’t great cooks and have a hard time admitting it, and they can also get offended when their kids turn their noses up at their dishes.

One man recently upset his wife, who is not a good cook, after telling her the reason why their son is difficult at mealtimes is due to her bad food.

One man and his wife are in their 30s and have been married for 10 years. Ever since he met his wife, she has been a terrible cook. That was never much of an issue, as he’s a great cook and enjoys cooking their meals. Anytime his wife took control of the kitchen, the food was pretty awful. However, she likes her own cooking and doesn’t try to adjust her recipes to please others.

Things have changed drastically in their household now that he and his wife are parents to their four-year-old son. His wife became a stay-at-home mom, which meant she was responsible for preparing more meals than usual.

“She’s cooking a lot more, and it’s not going well,” he said.

“I’ve heard her have the same argument with our son probably 100 times by now. It always goes the same way: She cooks something that he has previously said he doesn’t like, and he doesn’t like it, often expressing his disgust with ‘yuck,’ she throws a giant tantrum and tells him that if he can’t eat his dinner he should get out, [and then] he cries and argues back.”

So many meals have ended in chaos for his family, with his son hating his wife’s cooking and his wife taking it too personally. Often, he has to intervene and comfort both of them.

Things recently came to a head when his wife made one of her worst recipes for dinner.

Delcio F/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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