He Wants His Wife To Share Her Inheritance, But She Said It’s Not Her Fault That His Parents Don’t Have Money

“[For example,] if we each put 50% of our earnings into a shared pot, she should put 50% of her inheritance in there. I feel like I’m quite flexible on how money gets split. I’m only asking that earnings and inheritance be treated the same. She feels differently, saying things like, ‘Inheritance is different because it’s a gift,’ and ‘It’s not my fault your parents don’t have money.'”

While he understands his wife’s perspective and believes in respecting her parents’ wishes for their money, he’s growing frustrated, as he thinks that such a large inheritance should be treated like their combined income.

“I really don’t want any of her inheritance to be mine,” he added.

“I just think that if I’m paying more than half of a joint account now, she should chip in at least half if [and] when she inherits money. Or at least that’s what seems fair to me.”

What would you do if you were in his position?

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