Her Best Friend Left Out A Raisin Chocolate Bar And Caused Her Dog To Be Hospitalized, So She Kicked Her Out Of Their Apartment

tunedin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

Most dog owners know that two of the most toxic foods for dogs are chocolate and raisins, so they’re usually extra careful to keep them far away from their furry friends.

One woman recently kicked her best friend out of their shared apartment because she left out a raisin chocolate bar, and her dog had to go to the hospital after eating it.

She’s 22 and lived with her 21-year-old best friend, Lisa, for two and a half years. Her dog, Abby, also lived with them in the apartment.

Things were going amazing for the longest time as she and Lisa loved spending time together and were great roommates. Lisa was also great with Abby and would help take care of her whenever she couldn’t.

However, a few days ago, everything changed when Lisa made a mistake that could’ve killed her dog.

“I was at my family’s place and got a call from Lisa, [who] was panicked,” she recalled.

“[Lisa] told me that Abby had eaten a raisin chocolate [bar] she had left on the living room table and that I needed to come home right away because Abby appeared to be cramping. Abby is not a huge dog by any means, so a little bit of chocolate can go a long way for her. I think I was constantly above the speed limit on my way back home. [I] grabbed Abby and instantly rushed to the vet with her. She was conscious but clearly in a bad condition. I had to leave her at the pet clinic for two nights and was terrified, but fortunately, she didn’t die.”

After leaving Abby at the clinic for her overnight stay, she went back to her apartment and laid into Lisa, who was instantly apologetic and asked about Abby as soon as she heard her walk through the door.

She was so scared and upset that she screamed at Lisa, scolding her for being reckless and leaving chocolate in an accessible place for Abby even though she told her not to.

tunedin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

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