Her Best Friend’s Getting Married In July, But She’s Keeping A Secret For Her That Could Ruin Her Relationship

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In July, this 28-year-old woman’s best friend Lily is getting married, but unfortunately, she’s keeping a secret for her that could ruin everything before it even begins.

Lily’s fiancé Brent is a wonderful guy who loves Lily with all of his heart. Since Brent is so amazing, she’s thinking she should tell him Lily’s secret since it could easily destroy their relationship.

A couple of days before Lily had her bachelorette party, Lily’s ex-boyfriend sent her a text message revealing that he wants to resume their romance.

Apparently, he’s been through several relationships after he and Lily broke up, which only made him realize that he’s only ever had feelings for Lily.

Lily is the one who got away from him, but Lily didn’t seem to feel the same way. Lily agreed to meet up with her ex, thinking she could straighten things out with him and get him to understand that she has moved on.

So, Lily invited her ex over to her home, ready to inform him that she’s marrying Brent in less than two months.

“While sorting things out, he kept flirting with her and begged her to be with him instead of Brent,” she explained.

“Things got heated, and they ended up hooking up. The next morning, Lily told me all this while breaking down, saying that she loves Brent and that she feels guilty for even talking with her ex.”

It’s difficult for her to be the keeper of such a big secret, especially since she’s close to both Brent and Lily and has been for the last six years. She also considers cheating to be completely unacceptable.

aspenphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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