Her Boyfriend Lied To Her About Being A Doctor And She Found Out He Actually Works At Taco Bell

M. Suhail - - illustrative purposes only

Exactly three months ago, this 24-year-old girl met her 32-year-old boyfriend through a dating app. From the beginning, her boyfriend said he was a doctor and that he worked at a nearby hospital.

He named the hospital and his specialty to her. Her boyfriend also pointed out he had attended an Ivy League college to complete his undergraduate degree in biology.

So far, their relationship has been wonderful. Their personal connection is crazy, and her boyfriend is incredibly romantic, though he dislikes spending a ton of money on her.

Yesterday evening, she went to one of her favorite fast food places to order some food, and she was shocked to discover that her boyfriend has clearly been lying to her about his profession and what he does for a living.

“Last night, I just happened to walk into a Taco Bell and saw him working there behind the counter,” she explained.

“We looked at each other, and I went up and ordered without addressing him. Then I went home to process what I had seen. I tried calling him today, but he wouldn’t answer.”

“How could he lie to me like this? Do men do this often? I’m in absolute shock. Should I just forgive him for lying and move on with the relationship? Or should I dump him?”

To be honest, she admits she most likely never would have given her boyfriend a chance if she was aware of him working at Taco Bell.

She is definitely in love with him right now, which makes it hard for her to just walk away and be done with him.

M. Suhail – – illustrative purposes only

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