Her Boyfriend Was Driving Hands-Free At 70 Miles Per Hour So He Could Eat Chicken Nuggets, And He Got Offended When She Asked Him To Put A Hand On The Wheel

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We’ve all been there in our lives: sitting quietly in the passenger seat, perhaps clinging onto the armrest for dear life while silently hoping for the drive to end.

Whether your best friend’s a terrible tailgater or your sister loves suddenly changing lanes, the driving habits of our loved ones can sometimes make us feel utterly unsettled.

Recently, this 25-year-old woman went on a road trip with her brother and her 30-year-old boyfriend, and instead of everything being relaxing, it turned into a nerve-wracking ride.

The trip was six hours long, and at one point, they stopped to grab some food to eat in the car so they could keep going.

“My boyfriend got chicken nuggets and sauce and was eating them with one hand holding chicken nuggets and one hand holding his sauce…no hands on the wheel, steering with his knee,” she explained.

“I requested that he eat his food differently to have at least one hand on the wheel as we drove down the highway at at least 70 mph with me and my brother in the car.”

Her boyfriend completely refused to put a hand on the steering wheel, and he pointed out that he does this all the time, so she should trust him.

He also maintained that he knows what he’s doing so it shouldn’t be a problem. She replied back to her boyfriend saying she understands if he wants to drive hands-free without passengers in the car, but that it wasn’t safe to do so with her and her brother there.

She reminded him that she would feel much less uncomfortable if he just did her this small favor, but her boyfriend got offended.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only

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