Her Boyfriend’s Net Worth Is Over $1 Million Dollars, Yet She’s The One Paying For Everything And She Can’t Afford To Keep Doing This

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Throughout the last year, this 25-year-old girl has been dating her 30-year-old boyfriend. Back when they first began dating, she learned he’s an extremely frugal man, which was actually a nice thing to find out.

She’s the exact same way, and she was thrilled to be compatible in a money sense. But as time wore on, it dawned on her that they have very different concepts regarding what it actually means to be frugal.

Her boyfriend is so incredibly cheap that she’s been the one paying for everything in their relationship, and she can no longer afford this.

She does have a few prime examples of her boyfriend’s cheapness, starting with dates. She and her boyfriend never go out on dates unless she plans and pays. Her boyfriend is content simply staying at home, which she understands, but she’s bored of this.

Another example is grocery shopping. Her boyfriend refuses to do this and won’t cook. He survives on takeout, but once in a blue moon, he pays for a meal delivery service.

When she goes to his house, there’s nothing for her to eat except junk food, which she despises. So she has to go out and shop for groceries and pay for that herself if she wants to eat anything while over his place.

“He eats a lot, and whenever he comes to my place, he likes me to cook extra so he can have leftovers to take home,” she explained.

“I’m okay with this; however, my grocery bill is going up, and I’m having to cut corners in other areas of my life; for example, I’ve stopped driving to work, and now I walk 1hr both ways to save on gas to offset the extra grocery costs.”

Her final example involves a trip she planned to take in a week. She asked her boyfriend if he wanted to come with her, and after he said yes, she showed him a spreadsheet with a breakdown of all the costs.

ViDi Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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