Her Dad’s Dating A Girl Younger Than She Is

satura_ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It was three years ago now that this 24-year-old girl’s parents got divorced. She’s the only child that they have, and she lives alone in an apartment.

After the divorce, her 61-year-old mom got their family’s home, while her 62-year-old dad went out and purchased a new house.

Even after their separation, her mom and dad remained on excellent terms, which definitely made the divorce easier for her.

However, how her dad has been acting after splitting from her mom has been causing some problems.

“My Dad seemed to rebound pretty hard after the divorce,” she explained. “He started frequenting bars and going on blind dates most evenings.”

“I can’t lie; my Mom and I worried that he wasn’t coping well with the split, but he reassured us both that he was a grown man and that we shouldn’t be worrying about him.”

“I acknowledged that and tried to step back and not meddle in his love life. Nothing crazy came of it, and we didn’t talk about it much.”

Around a month ago, her dad was hanging out with her and her mom when he mentioned he had a new girlfriend.

He then picked up his phone to show them a photo, and she was shocked that her dad’s new girlfriend is a year younger than she is. So far, her dad has only ever gone on dates with women his own age; never anyone super young.

satura_ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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