Her Fiancé Is Pushing For A Prenup, But He Got Upset With Her For Wanting An Infidelity Clause In There

bobex73 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A year before this 29-year-old woman got engaged to her 39-year-old fiancé, he informed her that he wanted to get a prenup.

She understands, and says that if she had the kind of money her fiancé has, she would absolutely push for a prenup.

She has $500,000 in regard to her own net worth and assets. She also has a wonderful job and no debt, yet her fiancé’s net worth is far greater than hers.

She never paid any attention to prenups until they got engaged, and her fiancé addressed the prenup again.

She did a bit of research on her own and figured if she has to spend her own money on a lawyer to review this prenup to protect her fiancé’s assets, she wants a bit of protection too; namely, an infidelity clause.

“My Dad had multiple affairs throughout his marriage to my mom. Her screams and sobs when she found out are burned into my memory,” she explained.

“…I think of it as a cathartic nod to the 18-year-old version of myself who saw my mom be cheated on as well as the aftermath of all the affairs.”

It’s not that she ever believes her fiancé could ever bring himself to cheat on her. The infidelity clause is more like an insurance policy for her and has nothing to really do with him.

Three months ago, they had another conversation about the prenup, and that’s when she brought up the infidelity clause.

bobex73 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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