Her Husband Secretly Got Into $45,000 Of Credit Card Debt, So She Wants To File For Divorce

Danko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Last week, this woman went to the grocery store to purchase a couple of things for dinner, and then her credit card was declined.

The total amount she was trying to charge was only $4.50, so she was shocked. She quickly pulled up the balance in the account attached to her card and was further horrified to find out it had been overdrafted by around $800.

She then asked her husband about why that would be, and he stated a charge probably cleared earlier than he anticipated.

She pulled $2,000 out of her emergency savings account and thought the situation was over with.

“But then it really started gnawing at me,” she explained. “We make more than enough to be able to cover all our payments.”

“There should be no reason why we should be in the negative. So I started to go through all the transactions and noticed a bunch of payments to different credit card companies.”

“At the very bottom of the statement, it had a snapshot of his credit report, and there were all these open accounts. They totaled about $45,000 dollars!”

She was furious and went straight to her husband with a copy of the statement, demanding to know the truth.

Her husband promised he wasn’t hiding anything awful; his spending simply had gotten out of control.

Danko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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