Her Parents Always Acted Rich, But They Only Have Around $100,000 Left In Their Pensions So They’re Asking Her For Money

Kostiantyn - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 38-year-old woman’s parents always acted like they were super rich, but looking back now, she knows she should have realized it was all a facade.

They’re not rich; they just buy a ton of things they don’t even need, and that has gotten them into some serious hot water.

She and her 41-year-old husband are so stressed out over her mom and dad’s abysmal financial situation, and she says they can’t bail her parents out.

Her parents began taking money out of their pensions back when they turned 55, so now they only have around $100,000 to $130,000 left in each one.

“Their house has some equity but not as much as you would think, as they have withdrawn from their equity line of credit several times,” she explained.

“My dad has a 100k truck and a vintage Porsche and my mom has a 7 seater when they are the only ones now. My dad is very prideful and refuses to take anyone’s advice, so it was a shock when they came to me and asked for money.”

“He has had a lot of health issues and told me he is going to be taking social security now (he is 68) and quitting his job. Which means they cannot afford their mortgage or car payments. They totally blindsided me; I had no idea how bad it was until now.”

She informed her parents she would not help them until they forked over access to all of their assets and accounts.

That resulted in an enormous argument between her and her parents, but they gave up and finally gave her all of the information she needed to begin determining how bad their financial status actually is.

Kostiantyn – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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