Her Sister’s Not Invited To Her Wedding After She Went Behind Her Back And Told Her Parents About Her Fiancé’s Legal Troubles

Forewer - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you were ever in trouble with the law during your younger years, you would only hope that as you grow older and get your life together, no one will hold your past against you. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

One woman recently decided to uninvite her sister from her upcoming wedding because she brought up her fiancé’s past legal troubles to her parents without her permission.

She is 28 and due to marry her 30-year-old fiancé, John, in a few months. They’ve been together for four years, and she’s extremely happy with him, as he’s caring and supportive. 

She has a sister named Anna, who is two years younger than her. They’ve had a complicated relationship for quite some time, and Anna is known for being a gossipy and sneaky person. Unfortunately, Anna recently got a little too involved with digging up John’s past, and it’s caused a lot of problems.

“John had a bit of a troubled past that he’s been open and honest about with me [about],” she said.

“When he was in his early twenties, he made some mistakes and got into some legal trouble. It wasn’t anything major, just some minor offenses that he deeply regrets. He learned from those experiences and has completely turned his life around. Recently, Anna found out about John’s past through a mutual acquaintance. Instead of coming to me first or keeping it to herself, she immediately told our parents.”

Her parents are very conservative, so when Anna told them that John was once in trouble with the law, they freaked out and started encouraging her to call off the wedding. They accused her of purposefully hiding things from them and told her she made poor decisions, which broke her heart, considering how much she loves John and how great he is now.

“I tried to explain that John’s past didn’t define who he is now and that I love him for the person he has become, but they wouldn’t listen,” she recalled.

“I confronted Anna about why she felt the need to share John’s past with our parents, [and] she said she was just looking out for me and thought I deserved to know the truth. I told her I already knew and that it wasn’t her place to share that information. She argued that family should always be honest with each other, but I felt that she had crossed a line. After this incident, I decided not to invite Anna to my wedding.”

Forewer – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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