Her Son And His Fiancée Got Angry With Her For Giving Their Wedding Flowers To Her Daughter After They Said They Don’t Need Them

Pavlo Melnyk - - illustrative purposes only

Towards the end of next month, this woman’s son and his fiancée are having their wedding. At first, they said they didn’t have a lot of money to spend on the event and were super upset after finding out how expensive flowers would be.

They didn’t have enough money to pay for wedding flowers, even though they really wanted that for the whole look.

She investigated floral design prices on her own and was shocked to find out it was out of her budget as well.

“I instead offered to do what they wanted with fake flowers,” she explained. “They agreed and sent over images for me to use.”

“I have spent over $500 buying all the stuff and [invested] my own time. They turned out great, in my opinion.”

“I got a call about two weeks ago that they won’t need them anymore and that they have the money to have real flowers.”

Not only did they say they didn’t need her flowers, they informed her that they already booked a florist to make new ones for them. So, all of her hard work and money spent was for absolutely nothing.

Her daughter came over to her house later on, and she caught sight of the flowers. Her daughter remarked that they were super cute and then asked if she could have some made for her upcoming baby shower.

She filled her daughter in on how she made all the flowers for her son’s wedding, yet now they were no longer needed. She told her daughter she could have all the flowers for her baby shower.

Pavlo Melnyk – – illustrative purposes only

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