Her Stepdad Is Calling Her Greedy For Not Sharing Her Inheritance With Her Half-Siblings

Andrey_Arkusha - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this 25-year-old woman was just 10-years-old, her parents got divorced. Then, one year later, her mother remarried and proceeded to have two children – her half-siblings – with her stepdad.

Throughout her childhood, she and her mom were very close, too. She also technically lived with her mom following the divorce, only visiting her dad on the weekends.

Additionally, she thought her stepdad was a nice guy, even though she never truly felt like a part of his family.

“And my mom had let it be known that she was going to set me up for life because she realized that my father was not very set up,” she recalled.

Well, her mom recently passed away unexpectedly, and she found out her mom was not kidding about setting her up for life. In fact, her mom left absolutely everything to her.

“In her will, it was written that she wanted me to use the money for my education, future, and general well-being,” she explained.

On the other hand, her half-siblings – who are now 12 and 10-years-old – were left a lesser amount in a trust. So they could access the money once they turned 18.

Still, the lion’s share of her mother’s estate was left to her. However, her stepdad has been trying to disregard her mom’s wishes for the money by pressuring her to share her inheritance with her half-siblings.

Apparently, her stepdad is trying to claim that his mom would have never wanted one of her kids to live better than the rest. Plus, he’s also trying to use the fact that her half-siblings are minors as a reason why they’re entitled to more money.

Andrey_Arkusha – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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