Here Are The Top Five Worst Companion Plant Pairings, As Well As How These Duos Can Spell Disaster For Your Garden

Let’s take a closer look at some notably poor crop pairings and better understand why they’re detrimental to your garden.

Tomatoes & Potatoes

Although they’re relatives in the nightshade family, tomatoes and potatoes are still a bad match for companion planting.

Both of these plants are susceptible to the same diseases, which can rapidly transfer from one crop to the other, devastating both.

Additionally, they compete for similar nutrients, which can stunt growth and reduce yield.

Strawberries & Brassicas

Strawberries paired with brassicas – like broccoli, cabbage, and kale – are another duo to avoid.

This is because strawberries tend to attract slugs, which can also turn their attention to the brassicas, munching through leaves and potentially ruining the crop.

Moreover, brassicas can overshadow smaller strawberry plants, limiting their sunlight exposure and growth.

Potatoes & Zucchini

Potatoes and zucchini should not be planted together, either, since they compete aggressively for both space and nutrients.

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