He’s Sick Of His Girlfriend Never Being Able To Hold Down A Job, So He Wants To Find Someone New

inesbazdar - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man has been with his girlfriend for nearly nine years now, and they have a child together. Yet, throughout basically their entire relationship, she has barely been able to land jobs – let alone hold them down.

Apparently, he’s found her good “career-type” jobs with great pay in the past. But, she always just “squandered” those opportunities.

“She has been fired multiple times for just calling out all the time, then lying to me about why she doesn’t have work,” he revealed.

Plus, they’ve actually been evicted from two different homes because his girlfriend wasn’t working or contributing to their living expenses, and he fell behind on their bills.

So, after financially supporting both of them for so long, he can’t help but look at his girlfriend and think that she is “below” him.

He works incredibly hard to have nice things and make ends meet. However, he feels like he’s going to have to spend his entire life “playing catch up” since she never works or helps out.

“For example, at least 10 times, she has set an alarm to go do Uber Eats (I made her do it because I was drowning in debt), and she just doesn’t wake up,” he explained.

“Even today only there have been two alarms that went off, and she’s still asleep.”

He, on the other hand, works 10 to 12-hour shifts four days each week, driving a forklift in a freezer that’s -20°F. That’s why he feels like he knows how to be driven and work hard.

inesbazdar – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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