He’s Worried That His Wealthy Grandpa Is Being Taken Advantage Of By His Gold Digging Neighbor

alfa27 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 22-year-old man lives in the Northeast, but his wealthy grandparents live down in Florida. He and his family visit his grandparents one to two times every year, as they aren’t rich and can’t travel to see them so much.

Actually, his grandpa only speaks to his part of their family, as everyone else is always badgering him for money.

Four years ago, his grandma developed dementia, but his grandpa refused to leave her or put her in a nursing home. His grandpa has spent the last few years being a complete mess over his grandma’s health.

“Starting about 2 weeks ago, a new family moved into my grandpa’s neighborhood and started trying to be with him and my grandmother constantly,” he explained.

“It started off ok with my grandpa calling them nice but soon started becoming strange with them saying that my grandma having dementia means that she needed to get rid of stuff, and they helped “clean” her shoe closet.”

“My grandmother has very fancy types of shoes and heels that the new family said they wanted out of my grandpa’s house.”

After that, the mom of this family began sending text messages to his mom. This woman would say things like his grandpa is so amazing with her children, it makes her wonder why they never come to visit him. His mom got upset over these kinds of texts.

Sadly, his grandma passed away yesterday, and his grandpa called them to tell them about this. His mom and sister hopped on a plane and left to head to Florida, and he’s going to get down there in two days.

But when his mom and sister got to Florida, they were shocked to be greeted by his grandpa’s neighbor, who seems to have already sunk her claws into him.

alfa27 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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