His Coworker Called Him A “Nepo Baby” And Claimed He Only Got Hired Because He’s Related To The Company’s Owner

“The company owner and I share the same last name [and] it’s in the top 20 last names in the USA, so it’s not exactly a huge coincidence,” he said.

“Shauna assumed that I was hired and promoted because I was his son, nephew, or something. I loudly said, ”Dude, you think I’m related to the owner? Is this why you’ve hated me all this time?” The woman next to her explained that the owner and I weren’t related in any way, shape, or form, and Shauna kind of laughed about it. Then I said, ‘Yeah, that’s also rich coming from a diversity hire.’ Shauna got really upset about this and, ten minutes later, excused herself.”

Some of his coworkers said he went too far by making that diversity hire comment, but he thinks Shauna’s behavior was too ridiculous not to say something.

Should he apologize to Shauna or wait until she apologizes to him?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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