His Fiancée Wanted Him To Kick His Best Friend Out Of His House And Called Him A Mooch, But He Refused, And Now She’s Not Speaking To Him

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Many people fear that one day, their dream partner will not get along with their longtime best friend, and they’d have to choose between the two. 

One man is unsure what to do after his fiancée told him to make his friend, who he let stay with him while he had no job, move out of his house, for reasons he finds ridiculous.

He’s 23 and has a 25-year-old fiancée named Sarah. There are two other very important people in his life: his two close friends, Tyler and Alister. 

A few weeks ago, Tyler lost his job and subsequently lost his place to live. While Alister is successful, he lives in a very small apartment, and taking in Tyler would drastically change his routine. 

Since he had a successful job and bought his own house, he offered to take in Tyler while he looked for a new job and got back on his feet.

“Tyler has been staying with me for a little over 3 weeks now and has already found a good job,” he said.

“He’s saving up because he lost his ‘Rainy Day’ fund before losing his place and getting his footing back. He’s been a model guest, as far as I can tell. He even walks my dog sometimes because I work a 60-hour workweek and can’t hold the energy for that. He always picks up after himself, stays in the guest room, washes his own dishes, does laundry, helps with chores, etc.”

Unfortunately, there has been one issue with having Tyler stay with him, and that’s his relationship with Sarah. Sarah does not get along very well with any of his friends, including Tyler. Tyler has tried very hard to avoid Sarah so as not to cause any drama, but everyone can sense the tension between them.

“Recently, there was a fight where Sarah told me that since Tyler has a job now, he can move out and stop ‘mooching’ off of us,” he recalled.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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