His Girlfriend Mentioned A Psychic Said She Should Dump Him

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This 26-year-old guy has a 22-year-old girlfriend, and they have been dating for a year, but this February, they made things official.

His girlfriend’s friend’s mom is dating a guy who is a psychic, and this man shared some interesting information with his girlfriend.

This guy basically said that he and his girlfriend are not meant to be together, and if they continue their relationship, things will get bad.

Not only will they become miserable and broke, but his girlfriend’s family will also suffer the same consequences if they don’t break up, according to the psychic.

“She says that he is credible because he mentioned things about her “no one knew” and has helped prevent her friend’s uncle from a fatal accident,” he explained.

“To preface this, she has a slight inclination to believe in this kind of stuff, and we have also been in a rough patch the past month due to her schedule of finishing nursing school, working bartending Friday-Sunday, and her dad being admitted to the hospital recently for heart complications.”

So if the psychic telling his girlfriend to dump him wasn’t awful enough, there were two other things that just happened that have made him concerned.

A few nights ago after his girlfriend finished up her shift at work at midnight, she went out to a bar with her male coworker.

His girlfriend was there with her coworker until 2 a.m. when the bar closed. At 5 a.m., he woke up and noticed his girlfriend was not at home, so he called her up.

Bigc Studio – – illustrative purposes only

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