His Pregnant Ex Showed Up Asking For Help With Another Man’s Baby, And Even Though He Could “Easily Afford” To Help, He Shut The Door In Her Face

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This 25-year-old man and his ex-girlfriend, who is 24, were in a relationship for two years.

They met in college about three years ago and broke up one year ago. Understandably, the split was really tough on him, too.

For the first couple of weeks following the breakup, he was devastated and having a very difficult time. Eventually, though, he began to move forward, and as time went on, he continually felt “better and better.”

“I enjoyed the single life. It was better,” he recalled.

So, he “long forgot” about his ex. Well, that was until she actually showed up pregnant on his doorstep just one week ago.

Apparently, his ex was visibly pregnant – looking to be about seven or eight months along. Of course, the baby was not his, either, since they hadn’t been together in over a year.

Anyway, once he opened the door, his ex first apologized for disturbing him. Then, she claimed that she needed some help.

He found out that the father of his ex’s baby ghosted her and was “long gone.” She also didn’t have any family to lean on for support since her father was dead and her mom wouldn’t help out.

Afterward, his ex briefly explained her situation otherwise, claimed she was “desperate” for help, and said he was her last chance – hence why she just showed up at his house.

Spiroview Inc. – – illustrative purposes only

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