His Roommate Brought Home An Abandoned Dog, Even Though He’s Allergic, So He Kicked Her Out And Got Called Heartless

stokkete - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

Many people have been in a situation where they live with someone and expect never to bring a pet into the mix, but then, someone stumbles upon a dog or cat in need and brings them home without thinking more clearly.

One man recently had to kick his friend and roommate out of their apartment after she brought home a stray dog despite their written no-pets agreement and his allergies.

He’s 28 and lived with his 26-year-old roommate, Sarah, for about a year. Things were going very well for a while, one reason being that they had a written agreement that settled all major roommate debates.

“We have a written agreement that covers rent, utilities, chores, and other responsibilities, including a clear no-pets policy,” he explained.

“This is mainly because I have a mild allergy to pet dander and don’t particularly want the extra responsibility or potential damage to the apartment.”

However, a few weeks ago, he arrived home to find Sarah in their apartment with a small dog. She said the dog was a stray, wandering around where her workplace is, and couldn’t bear to leave the dog behind.

Sarah immediately acknowledged their no-pet policy and swore the dog would only be in their place for a few days until she could find a new home or caring shelter.

While he didn’t want to go against their policy for their sake, he felt bad for the dog and allowed the pup to stay for a few days.

“She assured me it would only be for a few days, [but] days turned into over two weeks, and the dog was still with us,” he said.

stokkete – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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