His Roommate Brought Home An Abandoned Dog, Even Though He’s Allergic, So He Kicked Her Out And Got Called Heartless

“My allergy symptoms were flaring up [with] constant sneezing, itchy eyes, and mild breathing issues. I also noticed the dog had scratched up some furniture and chewed on my belongings. I [raised] my concerns to Sarah multiple times, but she kept saying she needed a little more time to find a solution.”

“Last week, after yet another sleepless night due to my allergies, I told Sarah that she needed to find a place for the dog immediately, or I would have to take more drastic measures.”

Sarah became very defensive and started guilt-tripping him, telling him he was heartless and that she didn’t want to have to throw the dog out onto the street.

He didn’t want to be heartless, so he gave Sarah an ultimatum – either she found a new home for the dog in a week or moved out.

“Sarah was furious and called me an inconsiderate jerk,” he recalled.

“She argued that I was overreacting and should be more understanding of the situation. However, my health and the damage to my property were becoming too much for me to handle. After the week passed with no change, I told Sarah she needed to move out. She packed her things and left in a huff, taking the dog with her.”

While he thought that would be the end of the conflict, Sarah made things worse by telling their mutual friends about what happened and making him seem like a horrible person for ‘forcing’ her out and not caring about the dog.

Some of their friends think he could’ve been more helpful in finding a new home for the dog, while others believe he was right to kick Sarah out.

Was he right to kick out Sarah?

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