His Wedding Will Be At A Pet-Free Venue This Fall, But His Brother Is Threatening Not To Attend Unless His Dog Is Also Allowed To Go

jozzeppe777 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

This 28-year-old man and his fiancée, who is 26, are set to tie the knot this fall. But, even though they both absolutely love animals, their wedding will be pet-free.

Apparently, their wedding venue just has a very strict no-pets policy because of both insurance issues and health regulations. He and his fiancée understood that, too.

“We respect this rule, and we made sure to notify all our guests well in advance,” he recalled.

Despite that, his older brother – who is 30 years old – is still insisting on bringing his dog, Buster, to the event.

For some context, he realizes that Buster is actually a very lovable and well-behaved dog. However, the pup still sheds a lot and is not hypoallergenic. So, he and his fiancée tried to re-explain the venue’s no-pets policy.

“But [my brother] argues that Buster is practically family and needs to be there for such an important day,” he said.

He tried to suggest an alternative and asked his brother if they could either board Buster for just one day or get a friend to watch the pup. Still, his brother wouldn’t stop claiming that it was “unfair” to the dog.

Then, his brother even gave him an ultimatum and said that if Buster wasn’t allowed to be at his wedding, then he wouldn’t be attending, either. Apparently, his brother just doesn’t trust anybody else to properly care for his “fur baby.”

This whole pet debacle has caused a lot of tension in his family, too. In fact, some family members are even accusing him of being selfish for excluding the dog and saying that weddings are celebrations were all loved ones should be welcome.

jozzeppe777 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

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