His Wife Wants To Stay At A “Clothing Optional” Hotel During Their Road Trip Through Colorado, But He Thinks It’s Weird

Zoran Zeremski - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This man and his wife are currently planning to take a road trip through Colorado this summer since they’ve never been to the Rocky Mountains.

So, they hope to drive through some mountain towns, take in the scenery, go camping, do a little shopping, and just spend some quality time together.

His wife also took the lead on most of the planning, and she found a hotel that she really wanted to stay at. Apparently, it gives all the guests 24-hour access to the hot springs.

“When she described it, it sounded pretty cool,” he recalled.

But then, he actually looked up the hotel to learn more about it and realized it was “clothing optional.” He wasn’t okay with this, either.

So, he tried asking his wife if she knew about that, and she actually said she had. Plus, his wife apparently didn’t think it was a “big deal” since he could just keep his bathing suit on if he wanted.

“But I said, ‘I hope you meant we’d keep our suits on.’ She just gave me a shrug and a smile,” he revealed.

At that point, he told his wife that he wasn’t on board with this plan at all. He simply finds it weird and knows he won’t be able to fully relax if there are people without clothes hanging around and sparking conversations with them.

“Also, I’d really not like it if she opted out of a suit with other people present,” he added.

Zoran Zeremski – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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