In Case You Need Another Excuse To Enjoy A Good Mimosa, These Are The Cutest Brunch Themes To Host At Home With Your Besties

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Who doesn’t love a good brunch?

While some pessimists may try to convince you brunch is pointless or an overpriced breakfast, don’t listen to them. Brunch is a great way to catch up with friends, enjoy a mimosa or two, and eat delicious breakfast or lunch without waking up too early or staying out too late.

However, some anti-brunch people do make a good point when they talk about it being expensive. After all, going out to eat generally gets pricey, and certain restaurants may charge you an arm and a leg for brunch.

However, just because you have a tighter budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a fun brunch time with your loved ones. You can host a brunch at home! Better yet, you can have a themed brunch at home!

Here are some brunch theme ideas if you’re looking to host an afternoon that will certainly be memorable.

PJ Party Brunch

While crafting a cute and formal outfit for brunch at a restaurant might be seen as a rite of passage for brunch lovers, haven’t you ever been tempted to pull up to brunch in your pajamas? Especially if you’re going after a night out?

A pajama party brunch will bring you right back to your childhood sleepover days. Have everyone dress in their favorite PJs and slippers of comfy socks for a cozy and cute afternoon. No makeup, tight pants, or heeled shoes are required!

A Period-Film Brunch

losangela – – illustrative purposes only

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