Male Contestants On “Love Is Blind” Always Seem To Have A Stunning Engagement Ring When They Decide To Propose, So Here’s Where The Rings Really Come From

Steve Alejandro - - illustrative purposes only

One of the most popular reality television series that people are obsessed with right now is “Love Is Blind,” a show where people try to find their future spouses without ever seeing each other face-to-face.

People love the concept, as many are tired of prioritizing physical attraction over emotional connections.

If you’re an avid viewer of “Love Is Blind,” you may have noticed that when the male cast members decide to propose to their chosen partners, they bring out some pretty stunning engagement rings.

I’ve listened to a few conversations of people wondering how the men on the shoe acquire such fabulous rings, especially because, for most of the show, they’re kept in a special facility, away from the real world and chain jewelers.

However, after reading through interviews and statements given by the production company, I’ve figured it out.

The contestants on the show who plan to propose to their potential spouses have two options regarding engagement rings.

They can either bring in one of their own, like a family heirloom engagement ring or select one that is provided to them in a special collection.

If the contestants don’t have a ring of their own to bring in, they can take a look at the collection of diamonds and bands paid for and provided by the “Love Is Blind” production company, Kinetic Content.

All engagement rings from the special “Love Is Blind” collection are fully paid for, so the contestants don’t have to take their salaries into consideration.

Steve Alejandro – – illustrative purposes only

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