Maybe You Should Keep Some Makeup In Your Glovebox Because A Lip Balm Miraculously Helped These Girls Fix A Flat Tire

anatoliy_gleb - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you own a car, it’s important you keep a few essential tools in your glovebox or anywhere else in your vehicle in case of an emergency or an incident like a flat tire.

One of the things you may need to keep in your car toolbox is one of the Glossier ‘balm dotcom’ products. 

Many makeup lovers are crazy about Glossier balm dotcom lip balms, as they’re moisturizing, come in great scents and shades, and come in cute packaging. 

Recently, two Glossier fans discovered the balms were not only good for lip moisturizing but also for fixing a flat tire.

TikTok user Jane Ni (@janejni) and her friends Cheryl (@macheryl) and Sachi recently drove around upstate New York when they got a flat tire on a busy road. On their drive, they were talking about how much they love their Glossier balm dotcom products after seeing a TikTok video about them.

Jane and Cheryl ran into an issue when they tried changing the flat tire. 

“The wheel nuts [were] stuck and wouldn’t come off,” wrote Jane in her TikTok.

“The internet [told] us to use oil to grease them. The closest thing we have is Glossier balm dotcom, which Cheryl used on the tire wheel nuts.”

Jane tells her story on TikTok in a series of photos, and viewers can see that after Cheryl cleverly applied the mango-flavored Glossier product to the old tire, they were able to get it off and replace it. Sure enough, Glossier saved the day, and as Jane and Cheryl claim, their lives.

anatoliy_gleb – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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