She Actually Paid For An Online Dating Service And Still Got Paired With A Guy Who Got Arrested For Indecent Exposure In The Parking Lot Of A Dollar Store

Mat Hayward - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Some people pay a premium to find love online because the general understanding is that paying for dating services will get you more dates and increase your chances of success.

However, TikToker Kate (@8kateee) is dishing on how paying for online dating services isn’t worth it because she was still paired with a poor match, namely, a guy who got arrested for indecent exposure.

So, Kate had been paying $20 per month for a subscription to a private, membership-based dating app, and she matched with a guy who was a public figure, so he had a pretty large following.

She explained that on this particular app, your social media account is linked directly to your dating profile, which allows your matches to check out your social media.

When Kate tried to click on the link that would take her to his social media, she kept receiving a notification that an error had occurred. So, she went on the social media app itself to type in his username but didn’t come up with any results. She simply assumed that he must have deleted his account.

They made plans to go out on a date, and one night, he randomly called her. They chatted for a bit, just getting to know one another. He asked what she did for work, and she replied that she used to work in finance but was now focused on social media.

He took the opportunity to launch into a tirade about how he hated social media. His view of social media was that everyone online was fake, and they only posted for validation from others. He also believed that it was corrupting kids.

When Kate asked if he was just ripping into social media because she had said it was her job, he quickly backpedaled and claimed that she was an exception because she was an entrepreneur.

The interaction had been so bizarre to her that she actually considered canceling their date. But first, she told her friends about the situation to get their opinions.

Mat Hayward – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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