She Already Sends Her Twins To Private School, But She Doesn’t Want To Pay For Her Stepchildren’s Private School Tuition Because She Thinks That Should Be Split By Her Husband And His Ex

DavidOsborne - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you’re part of a blended family and find yourself the stepparent of children still being raised by your spouse’s ex, you have to navigate many family matters differently.

One woman is refusing to help her husband pay for her stepchildren’s private school tuition, and now she’s caught in a whirlwind of drama between him and his ex.

She and her husband are in their 30s and have a blended family. Together, they have a two-year-old child, and they each have children from previous relationships. She has five-year-old twins, of whom she has full custody, while her husband shares custody of his two kids, ages seven and 12, with his ex.

She covers 80% of the bills and expenses in their household and has done a lot to care for her stepchildren. While their birth mom is still in the picture, she’s been contributing the most to their futures financially.

Last year, she decided she wanted to make some special arrangements for her kids’ schooling.

“I was brought up in a pretty wealthy family where my siblings and I attended private school, and this was something that I valued,” she said.

“I wanted any future children of mine to attend also. My twins are now finishing their first year of school at the private school I attended. I paid for their tuition, and my husband knew they would be going, so I made it very clear that I valued this. He also agreed that it is a good investment and would want our child to attend also, [offering to pay] half [the tuition] when the time comes. His children do not attend a private school, but attend highly ranked public schools.”

Ever since her twins started attending public school, her husband’s ex has been bothering her, accusing her of favoring the twins over her stepchildren. Her husband agreed and decided to submit an application to a private school for his children. But when his kids were accepted, his ex suddenly insisted she wouldn’t pay for any of their tuition or school fees.

“My husband asked if I would pay for her half [of the tuition], and I said no,” she recalled.

DavidOsborne – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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