She And Her Husband Got A Paternity Test Two Days After Their Son Was Born To Satisfy Their Prenup, But Once She Told Her Husband’s Family During A Dinner, It Made Things Super Awkward

Kateryna - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I never realized that some couples choose to get quite creative with their pre-marital agreements and plans. Whether you want to get a prenup or not, you and your partner can set a wide variety of rules and agreements in place before tying the knot.

One woman and her husband decided that she’d have to get a paternity test after giving birth to their baby, and when they revealed this information to his family, they were shocked.

She’s 26 and had a baby boy with her 34-year-old husband, Devin, two months ago.

“My husband and I have a prenup that dictates that I am to receive a gift upon the birth of a child that is biologically ours,” she said.

“[It’s] called a bump gift. It may seem a bit silly, but a lot of his work friends also have this clause. To keep the legitimacy of the clause, a paternity test [must be done] before it takes effect. My husband works in stock trading and makes very good money, so I can afford to stay at home, although I work remotely as a marketing and data analyst.

Because of the prenup, as soon as our son was born, Devin and I went for a paternity test; it was positive as I never cheated and never would.”

For her bump gift, Devin got her a two-year subscription to one of her favorite services, a book subscription box with her favorite genres. It’s a service she had to stop using because it was too expensive, so she was thrilled, and everything worked out as planned.

A few nights ago, she and Devin had dinner at his parents’ house, and his 30-year-old sister, Erika, and her family joined them.

“They just had a baby three months ago, though Erika has a history of infidelity, and her husband has struggled with accepting paternity,” she explained.

Kateryna – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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