She Asked Her Nanny To Stop Bringing Her Dog Over After He Went To The Bathroom On A Houseplant

Dan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This woman and her husband have two children, who are seven and five. When they go out in the evenings, they hire a local college girl to babysit for them.

Back when they first started working with their nanny, she asked if it would be alright to bring her black Labrador Retriever over to their house along with her.

She and her husband told their nanny it was alright with them, and their nanny promised that her dog had great manners.

As for their nanny, she’s been nothing but pretty amazing since the day they hired her to help with their kids.

“Tonight, we went out on date night for dinner and left her with the kids for about 3 hours,” she explained.

“When I came home, however, I noticed she was in my son’s bedroom, and the dog was in the living room.”

“To my surprise and horror, it lifted its leg and began peeing on one of the potted plants in the living room. He probably peed for around 10-15 seconds.”

She instantly went to go get her nanny and talk to her about her dog going to the bathroom in the house.

Her nanny kept apologizing over and over again before saying she could pay for any damage that her dog had inflicted.

Dan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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