She Called The Cops On Her Neighbor For Stealing Her Amazon Package, But Her Mom Thinks She Went Too Far

brizmaker - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Package theft is one of the biggest issues people have been dealing with in the last ten years.

The more we’ve been ordering off services like Amazon and Instacart, the more tempted thieves have become to snatch unclaimed packages off someone’s front stoop or in their apartment lobbies.

One woman recently called the cops on her neighbor, who brought their young child to steal packages off her doorstep, and now her mom is making her feel guilty for doing it. 

She’s married with kids and recently gave birth to a baby boy, so her body is still recovering, and daily tasks have been more difficult. Although her husband is usually able to get groceries for their family, he recently went on a business trip, and it was up to her to get food.

She decided to order groceries and other things she needed online and have them delivered to her house to make things easier.

“My other kids were at school, and I had put my son down for a nap and folded the kid’s clothes while I waited for the groceries,” she said.

“What I forgot was that I was getting packages that day. I ordered a milk machine because my other one broke and a blender from Ninja. On my Ring camera, I could see my neighbor picking up my packages and running with them. [They had] some kid, [who] looked [to be around] eight with them. The reason why I didn’t know my packages were outside was because my phone was on the charger.”

She immediately called the cops, showed them the Ring footage, and told them where that neighbor lived. Then, when they started taking action, she felt a little weird.

“The cops showed up, and I felt embarrassed, but I don’t know why,” she recalled.

brizmaker – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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