She Didn’t Tell Her Boyfriend That She Used To Be Obese, So After He Saw An Old Family Photo, He Accused Her Of Being A “Catfish” And Said Her Past Would’ve Made Him “Stop And Think” Before Deciding To Date Her

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It’s hard enough to date people and get them to like you for who you are when you’re a larger size. Can you imagine dating someone who gives you grief for losing weight before meeting them and not mentioning it?

That’s what happened to one woman whose boyfriend became upset with her when he found out she used to be obese before she met him through old family photos.

She’s 27 and has been dating her 29-year-old boyfriend, Kevin, for almost a year. Four years ago, she was in a very different place in life before dating Kevin. 

When she was 23, her previous boyfriend passed away. That same year, she was diagnosed with gout, a disease that runs in her family, which caused her a lot of pain.

The combination of depression she felt after losing her boyfriend and the pain she experienced from her gout prevented her from being active and taking proper care of herself, so she put on a lot of weight.

“I was obese; not just chubby, [as] I am five-foot-four and I weighed 240 pounds,” she explained.

“I pulled myself out of this, lost all the weight, and now am about 125 pounds. I never thought this would matter as I lost all the weight. However, I recently was visiting family with Kevin, and one of my family members had taken a photo of me [from when] I was fat and showed this photo to my boyfriend. I was already embarrassed because I looked bad in the photo [and] then I became even more embarrassed because my boyfriend started going on and on about how I looked so different, [saying] that he couldn’t believe [it was] the same person.”

She wasn’t mad at her family because none of them intended to embarrass her, but she was very disturbed by Kevin’s reaction.

He not only seemed surprised but angry that she was once that weight and told her after the gathering that she should’ve told him she was fat. He even said she had “catfished” him, even though she had already lost the weight before meeting him.

satura_ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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