She Feels Humiliated That Her Husband Called Her “White Trash” In Front Of His Friends

“My sister didn’t have a bed after she got too big for her toddler bed because my parents could never afford one. So yeah, the white trash comment hurt a lot because, to other people, I am white trash. I had no prospects, barely went to college, and nearly went bankrupt after I got kicked out and lost my car.”

She tried to get her husband to understand why his comment was so painful for her to hear, but he didn’t care in the least.

Her husband was fully aware his remark was hurtful and mean, and she thinks that’s why he kept it to himself for a whole week.

She’s left feeling humiliated that her husband called her white trash in front of all his friends, and she’s convinced they will all think less of her now.

“I’m just terribly hurt by this and know it’ll take some time to truly move on, but when you’ve been called something by people your whole life, it’s not easy,” she concluded.

What advice do you have for her?

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