She Found Out Her Ex-Husband Was Cheating On Their Wedding Night, And He Eventually Started Dating The Other Woman, So She Reported Them Both For Fraud After Realizing Her Ex Was Still Using Her Social Security Number For Benefits

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It’s heartbreaking enough to find out that your spouse has been cheating on you. But what if they were cheating you out of money at the same time?

One woman recently reported her ex-husband and his new partner, the woman he cheated on her with, after she found out they were using her information to get access to her veteran benefits.

She’s 24 and was married to her 26-year-old husband for two years. They split two years ago, but it took him a long time to sign the divorce papers and make things official.

Their marriage wasn’t perfect from the start, as her ex-husband was aggressive, and their dynamic was unfair. However, things really came tumbling down when she found out he was a little too involved with his childhood friend, Lexi.

“He told me when we first met that Lexi was a family friend, and [she] was four years older than him,” she recalled.

“Lexi disappeared, and he and I were off and on until I turned 20. Well, one day, we were on the phone, and Lexi called. He let me know that she was calling because she had recently found out her dad was cheating. I thought nothing of it, [as she was] merely a family friend.”

However, on their wedding night, she discovered Lexi was never just a friend. That night, while getting changed in their rented room after their wedding ceremony, she noticed her new husband’s phone was blowing up with texts from Lexi. Once she read one from Lexi that said, “I love you,” she had to keep reading more.

Lo and behold, her husband and Lexi had been romantically texting since they’d been together. He told Lexi he’d propose to her; they flirted back and forth, etc. Plus, she realized he lied about Lexi’s age; she was the same age as her, not four years older.

“We stayed married [but] Lexi was always a problem,” she said.

Dash – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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