She Got A Tattoo Of Her Former Roommate’s Cat After She Moved Out Because She Missed The Pet, But Now They’re Calling Her “Disrespectful” And Harassing Her About Having The Tattoo Removed

This was extremely upsetting, as she and Oreo formed a special bond because she worked from home, and Oreo became very attached to her. Oreo often chose to sleep in her bed besides Jake and Victoria’s because they were that connected.

Victoria began arguing with her, stating that Oreo was her cat, and that’s why she started limiting their contact. Still, Victoria would expect her to clean up after Oreo.

A few months after moving away, she was really missing Oreo and thought it would be fun to pay tribute to her with a cute tattoo.

“I recently got one on my arm of Oreo laying on an Oreo [cookie],” she explained.

“To be completely honest, tattoos are not that [deep] for me; it’s the sort of thing I get on a whim. But I really missed Oreo. I ran into Victoria and Jake recently completely by accident at the grocery. While we initially just ignored each other, they recognized my tattoo as Oreo and scolded [and] yelled [at me] a bit. They found me again on social media afterward and [messaged] me, calling it disrespectful, and asked me to remove it.”

While she understands some people may find it weird that she has a tattoo of a pet that technically belongs to someone else, she feels after all the time she spent caring for Oreo and loving her, she was allowed to pay homage to her.

Plus, she never intended to see Jake and Victoria again, so she struggles to understand why they’re going out of their way to get her to remove it.

Was it over the line for her to get an Oreo tattoo, or is it not a big deal?

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