She Got Scared When The Guy She’s Been Seeing Followed Her To A Restaurant After Thinking She Was Lying About Who She Was Meeting Up With

triocean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s been five weeks now that this 28-year-old girl has been seeing a guy the same age as her. For two weeks, he was away on a work trip, so they shared locations since he wanted her to know when he was on the job site or not.

She didn’t see a problem with location sharing, as it’s something she does with all of her loved ones. A couple of days ago, he asked her to hang out, but she turned him down because she was feeling sick and wanted to stay in.

An hour after that, her friend asked her to grab dinner and drinks, and she was feeling much better, so she agreed.

She never informed the guy she’s seeing about her change of plans since they don’t share information like that at this stage in their relationship.

“He texted me about halfway through dinner and asked what I was up to, but my phone was in my bag, and I didn’t check it until I got home,” she explained.

She arrived back at her house close to seven that evening, and as she went to reply to his text, she saw that his location stated he was in her city.

She instantly became creeped out by this, as he doesn’t live in her city and instead lives close to half an hour away from her.

She then investigated further and learned that he was in a park just one block over from her home.

“I texted him and asked why he was there, and he said he was waiting for me to get home, and then he pulled up to my house, parked on the street, and texted me asking if we could talk and asked why I was at the bar for 2 hours when I said I was sick,” she added.

triocean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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