She Got The Chance To Visit Europe With Her Daughter And Wants To Take It Because Her Husband Hates Traveling, But He Thinks Married Couples Shouldn’t Go On Separate Vacations

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For countless people, young and old, traveling the world is a lifelong dream – steadily looked forward to on bucket lists and checked off destination by destination.

Some try to travel as much as they can in their twenties and thirties before they settle down and start a family. Others travel more in their later years, getting to jet set after other life responsibilities have begun to slow down.

However, what happens when you enjoy traveling but you marry someone who simply doesn’t? Whose interests should be prioritized?

That’s the very situation this woman is in right now. She has been married to her husband for a whopping 40 years, and while she absolutely loves to travel, her husband is the opposite.

“His idea of a vacation is camping or going fishing,” she revealed.

Once, she was able to get him on a flight to visit Hawaii. But, the whole time, he just complained about how long their flight was.

Another time, she convinced her husband to travel with her to Mexico. Yet, he got sick, and they haven’t traveled much since.

More recently, though, she got an opportunity to travel to Europe with her daughter and her daughter’s family. The best part? She would only have to pay for her airfare – no accommodations necessary.

“And I desperately want to go,” she said, “But he is fighting me.”

InsideCreativeHouse – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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