She Inherited Her Dad’s Home And Wants His Widow To Move Out, But His Widow Said She Has No Intention Of Ever Leaving

“She is [also] not independent in any way, and I had to make sure to pay her bills, help her with the pension, bureaucracy, etc.,” she added.

“She doesn’t know how to use a smartphone, the internet, or how to maintain the house and the yard.”

All these reasons led her to encourage her dad’s widow to move out of the house. However, she made it clear that it is “her house,” and she doesn’t plan on budging.

Now, she’s left trying to find a good compromise. While she understands her dad’s widow doesn’t have many people to lean on and has been through a lot, she doesn’t want to risk letting her stay in her dad’s house and destroying it.

Should she stand her ground and force her dad’s widow out of his old house or find another solution?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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