She Said The Reason Why Good Men Don’t Want Her Sister Is Because She Isn’t As Desirable, So Her Sister Either Needs To Get A Job And An Education Or “Lower Her Standards”

fizkes - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s always frustrating when you hear people complain about a lousy life they built for themselves. Sure, there are certain things in life you can’t help, like where you’re born or how much money your family has. But you decide where you will go in your adult life.

One woman recently had to give her older sister, who will not stop complaining about attracting bad guys, a reality check.

She’s 29, and her sister is 30-years-old. Her sister has been in the habit of making things more difficult for herself for years.

“She got pregnant by her high school boyfriend and never got a job or an education,” she said.

“She was convinced she [would] have a traditional life [with a] working husband, and she would stay home with the kids. Except the two of them fought all the time and couldn’t stay together. She now has three kids, two with him and one with her most recent ex-boyfriend. She lives with and mooches off our parents, who are desperate to get rid of her. They want her to move in with me into the home I own.”

She works hard as a hospice nurse while her sister refuses to pick herself up and get her life together after her marriage and previous relationship failed.

Instead of trying to better herself and her income, her sister has been trying to find a new man to support her and her kids, all the while complaining about the lousy guys she attracts.

Things came to a head when her sister went on another long rant about how it’s unfair that no good, successful men want her.

“She rants to me and my boyfriend about how no good men want her,” she explained.

fizkes – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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