She Told Her Boyfriend They Should Take A Break Since His Teen Daughter Brings Peanuts To Their House, Knowing She’s Allergic

Christian Hillebrand - - illustrative purposes only

Anyone with a nut allergy knows just how serious they can be. If you surround yourself with people who care about you, they’ll likely take your allergy as seriously as you do.

But can you imagine someone bringing nuts into your home on purpose?

One woman recently had to tell her boyfriend he wasn’t allowed to bring his teenage daughter to her home anymore because she smuggles peanuts into it, knowing she’s allergic to them.

Her boyfriend, who she lives with, has a 14-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Every other week, his daughter stays with them.

Before they moved in together around four months ago, they decided to do a ‘trial run’ for his daughter to see if she was okay sharing a space with them as a couple.

Everything went fine; there were no incidents and no peanuts in sight.

However, once they permanently moved in together, everything changed. Any time her boyfriend’s teenager enters their home, she has a bag of peanuts stashed on her somewhere.

“I can’t have any contact with peanuts, and I am terrified of them due to some bad experiences that ended up [with me] in the hospital,” she said.

“I have my shots on me all the time. It is not exactly [an] airborne [allergy], but I could have irritation if [I touched] something that had been in contact with peanuts. I could have swollen eyes and an itchy nose and throat. Ingesting [peanuts] is fatal [for me]. I told my boyfriend that I don’t want [his daughter] here because she is not respecting my boundaries.”

Christian Hillebrand – – illustrative purposes only

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