She Told Her Niece It’s Time To Start Bringing Her Own Vegetarian Dishes To Family Gatherings To Accomodate Her Fiancé And That She Should Learn To Cook The Food He Eats

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If you’re going to a family gathering or event that’s potluck style and you have special food restrictions, it’s common knowledge that you should bring food you can eat, not show up empty-handed, and expect others to bring a special dish for you.

One woman recently upset her niece after telling her that she and her fiancé, who doesn’t eat meat, should start bringing their own meat-free dishes to their family potlucks that contain a lot of meat recipes instead of complaining about not having them.

She is part of a large family that loves to have big food-forward potluck-style gatherings for holidays and special occasions. Her mom is in her 70s and loves to serve a lot of food, especially meat dishes, to their family while everyone else brings other dishes to share.

“Our culture has mostly traditional meat dishes,” she said.

“It isn’t all just beef, pork, lamb, or chicken. We eat a lot of seafood and shellfish, too. Dishes with vegetables have cubes or slices of ground pork or beef, and some soups with vegetables can have shrimp, fish, or clams in it, for example.”

She has a 25-year-old niece named Sara who’s been bringing her 28-year-old fiancé, Paul, to their family pot-lucks. The only issue is that Paul eats a mostly plant-based diet and doesn’t eat things containing meat or dairy.

Ideally, Sara and Paul would bring something from home that was 100% safe for him to eat since she nor their other relatives know what he likes or dislikes.

However, instead of bringing something to the potluck, Sara and Paul prefer to make a big deal out of him not having anything to eat.

“They visit for a little while, and then she says, ‘We gotta go get food for Paul because he can’t eat any of the food here,'” she said.

noirchocolate – – illustrative purposes only

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