She Told Her Sister She Could’ve Had It All If She Stayed With Her Ex And Should Now Be Prioritizing Her Kids, Not Finding A Boyfriend

benevolente - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s always uncomfortable when your relative or friend breaks up with someone you became close to during their relationship. It’s even more uncomfortable when you watch them start to hook up or enter relationships with people who weren’t as good as the last person.

One woman recently gave her sister, who has been hooked on finding a new boyfriend or husband since divorcing her first one, a reality check and told her she needed to prioritize her kids. 

Her sister is 36 and had three kids with her ex-husband. She and her husband were really close to her former brother-in-law, and she thought he was a great husband and father to her sister and their kids.

However, a few years ago, her sister decided she no longer wanted to be with her husband, and they split. Her sister and ex-husband have remained friends, and their split was still amicable. 

Then, her sister’s love life took a dramatic turn.

“She met a guy a few years later and got pregnant [after] their first date,” she explained.

“When she told me, I said that she already had no job and three kids and [that] having another child with a guy she barely knows was a bad idea. She got angry and said the new guy had no kids and loved being a dad. [She] called me a jerk for not supporting her, [so] I shut my mouth after that. They tried to make it work for two and a half years until she left him too.”

After breaking up with the second man, her former brother-in-law felt bad for her sister, so he offered her a job at his company, found her a new apartment to live in, and even upped his child support payments.

Unfortunately, her sister still has men on the brain and hasn’t stopped complaining about her love life despite all of these amazing opportunities that have been handed to her.

benevolente – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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