She Took A Photo With Her Male Colleague During A Company Party, And His Girlfriend Actually Broke Up With Him Over It, So Now Her Coworkers Are Calling Her A Home Wrecker

Lomb - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 30-year-old woman works in real estate, and recently, her company hosted a party for their entire team to celebrate an achievement. Her team is made up of nearly 70 people, so the party included free food, drinks, and live music.

Anyway, while she was at the party, she and many of her colleagues started taking photos together. After all, they all know each other and work together often.

So, while a male friend/colleague was taking some pictures, she also decided to walk over and take a photo with him.

“In the picture, I stood in front of him, so my backside was touching his chest. I had a beer in one hand and threw a peace sign with my other hand. No holding hands or hugging or anything,” she recalled.

While she thought that was completely appropriate, though, her male friend later went into their office and claimed that his girlfriend of six months broke up with him after seeing their picture together.

He even proceeded to show everyone in their office the photo. So now, most of their colleagues are jokingly calling her a “home wrecker.”

Now, she is actually in a relationship as well, and her boyfriend is apparently “super chill.” That’s why she told him about what happened with the picture, and he said it was a “silly issue” and to let it go.

Well, today, she brought up her boyfriend’s reaction to the picture while eating with her male friend and the rest of their colleagues again, but it didn’t go over so well.

“I said it’s a silly issue, and I told them that I showed the picture to my boyfriend as well and said that my boyfriend thinks it is stupid to fight over such things,” she explained.

Lomb – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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