She Went Ghost Hunting With Her Dad In A Graveyard, And Something Followed Her Home

Lucas - - illustrative purposes only

When this woman was 16, she and her dad bonded over ghost hunting. Her dad went ghost hunting as a teenager and lived in a tiny town in the Rocky Mountains, which Mormon pioneers founded.

At a family reunion, they camped out in this town in the Rockies, and her dad had the idea of exploring a graveyard rumored to be haunted.

She and a couple of her cousins went with him to the tiny graveyard with headstones of deceased Native Americans and pioneers.

The cemetery was ancient, and the majority of the headstones weren’t marked. At the time, she didn’t have much knowledge of ghost hunting or how to do so appropriately and respectively.

“I thought it would be interesting to see if I could capture a recording of their voices. I called out to the space and asked if anyone was there. My cousins tried asking questions as well. We asked if anything could try to make a sound, touch us, or move something,” she said.

After stopping the recording and playing it back, she didn’t hear any paranormal noises and was disappointed.

She and her cousins returned to the camp where they were celebrating their family reunion, and they went to sleep.

The following day, she left the family reunion and went to her mother’s house, and nothing out of the ordinary happened until she was getting ready to sleep.

She wanted her dog, a border collie, to sleep in the bed with her, like every night, but her dog was nowhere to be found.

Lucas – – illustrative purposes only

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