She’s A Lawyer Who Helped Sue A 12-Year-Old For Poisoning A Dog, But Her Dad Thinks She Ruined The Girl’s Life Over A Pet That’s “Easily Replaceable”

Gorodenkoff - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

It’s always disappointing to see young kids doing horrible things they’re too young to do, and while you sometimes don’t want to see them punished at such a young age, they have to understand there are consequences to their actions.

One lawyer helped one of her clients sue a 12-year-old girl for poisoning her dog, and now she’s getting grief from her dad, who accused her of ruining the girl’s life.

She’s an experienced civil lawyer who works at a law firm and was recently brought a very intense case.

“A week ago, a lady came in asking if she could sue her neighbor for poisoning her dog,” she said.

“In my country, minors are not criminally responsible. They cannot be reported, but they can be sued. In this case, they do not go to jail, but they do receive a fine and a police record. The woman had recordings from her security camera of the girl throwing things from her house to the garden where the dog was, and the last thing she threw at him were two pieces of chicken, one with broken glass and the other with rat poison, according to studies by the veterinarian that the lady left me.”

In her eyes, she believes that a child should have to go to jail, as even though she’s young, she’s old enough to know that killing or attempting to kill people or animals is wrong and punishable by law.

Therefore, she helped this woman as best she could, and the young girl was fined, and the incident is on her record.

“My husband and I have pets, and he supports my decision,” she explained.

“I felt like I did something right in my career. The problem was when I told my dad, the only family I have because I cut off contact with my mom years ago, and he was quite harsh saying that I just ruined a girl’s life for a ‘simple dog’ that is ‘easily’ replaceable.”

Gorodenkoff – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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